My Magical History Tour

As I enter my retirement I plan to devote time to pursuing my interest in history.  History in general and American history in particular.

One actionable entry point to this vague objective is to focus on visiting the presidential libraries.  There are thirteen of them (soon to be fourteen when President Obama's comes into being) that are administered by the National Park System.  The thirteen libraries, beginning chronologically with Herbert Hoover, are spread across the country...which means there will be considerable travel involved in completing this goal.

I have chosen to augment the adventure of visiting the libraries by purchasing a small travel trailer to enable extended trips on a manageable budget.  This means seeking campgrounds near the sites and learning to be as self-reliant as possible.  The "Tour" began in 2015 and has been quite interesting so far.  The scope of the "Tour" has expanded however based on somewhat chance encounters with Revolutionary history sites along the way.

In addition to expanding my travels to include historical sites of interest I have also discovered that there are many presidential historical sites in addition to the thirteen libraries.  So, this past winter I expanded my reading about the presidents to go back to Washington and proceed chronologically through all of them...and to incorporate sites of interest along the way.

2016 plans are to visit Virginia and several historical sites along the 'Presidential Trail'.  Also hope to plan extended trip through Maine to Nova Scotia and across Canada through Quebec and, if not too ambitious, down through Michigan and back through New York to follow key actions of the French and Indian War.

I hope to make this more interesting by sharing my activities along the way  and inviting your comments and suggestions.  The blog on this site is one of the ways I hope to do this...we'll see if it works.  I will also post pictures to this site of the sites visited.  I am also exploring the use of Twitter as a means of keeping things up to date...have to see what's most convenient for me and for whomever may be interested in following along.

Here goes...
BE ADVISED:  Please bear with us...This site is very much a work in progress...